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» (No Subject)
so much stuff has happened:

+ macbooks released
- cant find a good excuse to buy one.
+ fifth ave store opened in new york. FA-MAZING! apple.com/retail/fifthavenue
+ went camping
- slept in my car
+went toobing
+ didnt get burned!!! but tan for me :)
+ went wedding shopping last night last minute for:
+ katie's wedding today. pretty excited, im going to be leaving here soon for it.

im working 40 hours this week.
the only good thing about that is getting a 40 hour pay check at the end of that time.
my cats were all over me alst night. and now.
but i guess i gotta go so i can pick up my dress from the cleaners
» sweet.
woo hoo
woo hoo
i got a d in geography!
im so happy that i passed.
a d in a science or history is like an a.
i honestly am so excited!
i leave for california tomorrow.
or later today
i should totally go to bed.
but i am trying to get a little more used to california time so im not lame tomorrow night.
oh man so here are the plans for tomorrow i think...
drive to airport at 8.
check in. hang out with aaron.
get on plane.
get off plane.
get rental convertable... WOO! hopefully my mom can sign something so i can drive it!
drop off bags at hotel.
drive to cupertino!!!! wa hoo apple campus.
so exciting.
HOPEFULLY!!!!! some sushi in san fran for dinner tomorrow.
so that is me in a nutshell.
i will update with pics not sure when.
» (No Subject)
so long time no talk. new things:

+ instaled aperture on my computer.
+ added a gig of ram to my computer. making it 1.5 gb
+ got a cool new nikon s1 pocket camera.
+ played tennis.
+ went to a party where i stayed out till like 2..... so not like me.
+ http://web.mac.com/sugarpop18/iWeb/Site/Ba%20Duh.html took funny pictures with people at work
+ finished just about all my stuff for school
oh yeha except for 20 GEOGORAPHY TESTS!!!!!
is any one good, can anyone help me?!?!?!?

untill then, i dont woek till 12. but dont have anything to do till then. so im going to sneak in.
» (No Subject)
so i finished my fetish series.
it goes a little something like this.
had my critique tonight.
it went well.
and thats all.
feedback if you may....
» oh the boredness
(x) your own cell phone
(X) a television in your bedroom
(x) an MP3 player
(x) a photo printer
(x) your own phone line -- i did in high school
( ) TiVo or a generic digital video recorder
(x) high-speed internet access (i.e., not dialup)
( ) a surround sound system in bedroom
(x) DVD player in bedroom
(X) at least a hundred DVDs-
( ) a childfree bathroom -- I wish!
( ) your own in-house office
( ) a pool
( ) a guest house
( ) a game room
(X) a queen-size bed or larger
( ) a stocked bar
(x) a working dishwasher
(x) an icemaker
(x) a working washer and dryer
( ) more than 20 pairs of shoes
(x) at least ten things from a designer store
( ) expensive sunglasses
(x) framed original art
( ) Egyptian cotton sheets or towels
(X) a multi-speed bike
( ) a gym membership
( ) large exercise equipment at home
(x) your own set of golf clubs
( ) a pool table
( ) a tennis court
(X) local access to a lake, large pond, or the sea
( ) your own pair of skis
( ) enough camping gear for a weekend trip in an isolated area
( ) a boat
( ) a jet ski
( ) a neighborhood committee membership
( ) a beach house or a vacation house/cabin
(x) wealthy family members
(x) two or more family cars
(x) a walk-in closet or pantry
(x) a yard
( ) a hammock
( ) a personal trainer
( ) good credit
( ) expensive jewelry
( ) a designer bag that required being on a waiting list to get.
( ) at least $100 cash in your possession right now
( ) more than two credit cards bearing your name (not counting gas cards or debit cards)
(x) a stock portfolio
(x) a passport
( ) a horse
(x) a trust fund (either for you or created by you)
(x) private medical insurance
( ) a college degree, and no outstanding student loans

Do you:
(x) shop for non-needed items for yourself (like clothes, jewelry, electronics) at least once a week
(x) do your regular grocery shopping at high-end or specialty stores -- when i am home
( ) pay someone else to clean your house, do dishes, or launder your clothes (not counting dry-cleaning)
( ) go on weekend mini-vacations
( ) send dinners back with every flaw
(x) wear perfume or cologne (not body spray)
(x) regularly get your hair styled or nails done in a salon -- does once a month count... becuase i am starting to/
(x) have a job but don't need the money OR
( ) stay at home with little financial sacrifice
( ) pay someone else to cook your meals
( ) pay someone else to watch your children or walk your dogs
( ) regularly pay someone else to drive you taxis
( ) expect a gift after you fight with your partner

Are you:
(x) an only child --for my mom yes, but for my dad im the youngest child and only girl.
( ) married/partnered to a wealthy person
( ) baffled/surprised when you don't get your way

Have you:
(x) been on a cruise
(x) traveled out of the country
(X) met a celebrity
(x) been to the Caribbean
(x) been to Europe
(x) been to Hawaii
(x) been to New York
( ) eaten at the space needle in Seattle
( ) been to the Mall of America
(x) been on the Eiffel tower in Paris
(x) been on the Statue of Liberty in New York
( ) moved more than three times because you wanted to
( ) dined with local political figures
(x) been to both the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast

Did you:
( ) go to another country for your honeymoon
( ) hire a professional photographer for your wedding or party
(x) take riding or swimming lessons as a child
(x) attend private school
( ) have a Sweet 16 birthday party thrown for you
» attention woodlands mall shoppers:
here is my list of dos and donts when visiting my mall:

DO park in a timely and orderly manner.
DONT wait for someone to walk to their car, get in their car, turn on their ipod, put on their make up and then back out when other cars are behind you.
DO give pedestrians the right of way.
DONT speed past them.

DO choose one method and stick with it: the walk or the stand.
DO pick one side to stand on if you wish to stand.
DONT stand in the middle of the escalator.
DONT get pissy when i clank down the stairs as loud as i can hoping you will move and not force me to say excuse me.
DONT hold both sides of the rail while ridding down the escalator.
DONT ignore me when i say excuse me trying to pass you.

DO walk around the mall.
DO pay attention to where you are going, some people have glass doors.
DONT form a chain of snails, some people do walk faster than you.
DONT walk into glass doors! it hurts and makes you look like a moron.
DONT ask us apple related questions when we walk around the mall in our apple shirts.

DO brose products.
DO try products.
DONT loiter in any store for more than 15 minutes with no intent to buy anything.
DONT come to a store with music and assume that everyone likes your music, i will tell you it is bad and ask you to turn it down.
DONT squeal when you see friends who you havent seen since school eariler.
DONT yell at your children in front of us.
DONT ignore us, a simple fine thank you or even a smile is better than nothing when we ask how you are doing.
DONT drop your children off at our store thinking we can entertain them.
also DONT think that if you have procare that means we will babysit your children. We have jobs to do and they do not hire us based on a "friendly with children" scale.

DO buy out items.
DO tell your friends about how friendly and effecient we are.
DONT come in after we are closed and take forever to buy something.
DONT dismiss sales people and before they can walk two feet ask them for help.
» Unfiltered Lyrics
Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING! (although i don't really care if you do)

1.Out of gas / Out of road / Out of car / I don't know how I'm going to go and / I had a drink the other day / Opinions were like kittens / I was giving them away

2. If that's all you will be, you'll be a waste of time / You've dreamed a thousand dreams, none seem to stick in your mind

3. The woman was a dream I had though rather hard to keep / For when my eyes were watching hers, they closed, and I was still asleep / For when my hand was holding hers, she whispered words and I awoke

4. All my life / I've been waiting for you / My wonderful one / I've begun / Living all my life

5. Everybody wants to be hollywood / The fame, the vanity, the glitz, the stories / One day I’ll become a great big star / You know like the big dipper / And maybe one day you can visit my condo / On the big hill you know like 9-0-2-1-0

6. ((Whispered in beginning of song:)...hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee / blessed art thou amongst women / and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus / holy mary, mother of god, pray for our sinners / now and at the hour of our death, amen... /) no virgin me, for i have sinned / i sold my soul for sex and gin / go call a priest, all meek and mild / and tell him, "mary is no more a child!"

7. With karate I'll kick your ass / Here to Tiennamen Square. / Oh yeah, muthafucka, / I'm g'onna kick your fuckin' derriere.

8. (Hint: its Bulgarian) Ti si zemen rai / A Dunav veselo shumi / Tih bial Dunav se valnuva / Veselo shumi / Eto Simeon pristiga / S negovite voiski

9. I'm missing your bed, / I never sleep / Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak / And this bottle of beast is taking me home.

10. This is what you give me to work with? / Well, honey, I've seen worse. / We're gonna turn this sow's ear / Into a silk purse.

11. Just in time, I found you just in time / Before you came my time was running low / I was lost, the losing dice were tossed / My bridges all were crossed, no where to go

12. Spoon in spoon / Stirring my coffee / I think of you / And turn to the gate / But on my way / Came up with the answers / Scratched my head / And the answers were gone

13. Though I didn't mention / I prayed for you that day / You left Glasco and your shell / and sailed back to the bay

14. Who took the bomp? / Every day and night / Every day and night / I can see your disco disco dick is sucking my heart out of my mind. / I'm outta time; I'm outta fuckin time. / I'm a gasoline gut with a vaseline mind, but / Wanna disco? Wanna see me disco? / Let me hear you depoliticize my rhyme.

15. could you be lost / are you so free, do you long to be / when the sun goes down / do you feel the feelin theres noone near / you know it's such a mystery how you washed up over me / and i couldn't breathe / i couldn't speak, lest i drown

16. from hundreds of miles yeah, you cry like a baby / you plead with me, shout, scream, tell me I'm staying / I know I know I know, I'm still your love

17. Hey, look at me / I'm causing a catastrophe / But I, I just might see you and me / The headlights bright as the daydream / Hey, look at me / I'm causing a catastrophe / But I, I just might see you and me / The excess your own celebration now

18. I take a breath and pull the air in 'til there's nothing left / I'm feeling green like teenage lovers between the sheets / Ba ba ba ba ...

19. Desperate for changing / Starving for truth / Closer to where I’ve started/ Chasing after you

20. while I held you with our / undry eyes / have the years pass by / its ok to cry / after all / in the end / just pretend
» oh blogs
so one of my coworkers. brian. has a blog. it may quite possibly be one of my favorite blogs ever.
here is an excerp from his blog, not for the week heartedCollapse ), right winger, suv driving mothers, mall rat, bitch, or myspacer.

thats pretty much sums up how i feel.
but now i am off to sleep to wake up tomorrow.
to take a test, then a lecture, then work:
thursday: 1-8
friday: 12-5 (at least)
saturday: 12-9
sunday: 9-7
monday: 2-8

then tuesday, wed, thursday class.
tuesday is my doll critique. yeah right, when am i going to find time to shoot?
» (No Subject)
so im working a lot this week.
like a rediculous ammount.

and i am the top ranked in my pool.
and 20th at my school.
how aweosme am i?

i look very apple chic right now.

hmm we kicked out myspacers tonight.
it was aweosme.

and yesterday i got locked in the ipod cage:
Image hosting by Photobucket
soooo awesome.
» wa hoo san antonio X2
Image hosting by Photobucket

wa hoo wa hoo.....
thats on my back
kinda like.... ummm on my left.
but not in the cliche sopt... lower than that... my pants cover it.

ps. i love peticures.
» mmmmm dolls
started a new photo assignment.
it explains on the page:
comments? suggestions? favorites?
im so interested... you have no idea.
» wa hoo san antonio
i love this city.
the drive was lonely and boring, but at least i had good music.

today we are going to do meals on wheels.
then go to the bank so kel can drop off some checks.
then the mall to the apple store to hopefully get my computer fixed!!!!!
then the gap becuase i somehow forgot jeans.
around lunch time... jakes sandwich shop.
good will to get some barbies...
and who knows what else.

last night was redicously fun.
we watced the flavor of love marathon, leading up to the finalie.
thank god he didnt pick the psycho girl
it was so funny....

i want to shower...
someone explain thie logic to me... kelly takes longer so she showers first....

omg i love sudoku!

thats all....
» (No Subject)
so i was a model for a friend the other day.
here are some of the pictures.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

there were six images.
but i like these three the best and think it makes a nice triptic.
so im leaving huntsville today.
and ill be in the woodlands, then houston, then san antonio, back to the woodlands, then home.
what a crazy week and a few days it will be.
literally living out of my car.

i threw up a few times this morning.
not like i ad anything to throw up becuas ei hadnt eaten for over 12 hours.
but my body found something that it didnt like.
so taht sucked.
the first time i had to run into the bathroom and mike came in and was like are you ok?
inbetween throwing up all i could think to do was apologize for not closing the door.
he just wanted to make sure i was ok though.

work tomorrow then not again till next friday - sunday.

and now im off to the woodlands.
i hope i start feeling better soon.
hopefully before tomorrow.
stupid work.
» open letters
dear microsoft,
i belive you may have done it.
come up with a product i would buy.
your apple friend, heather

dear apple,
im giving you till the end of the summer.
then i will purchase my first microsoft product.
an origami.
please dont do this to me.
make either the new ibook the absolute shit.
or a newton like product only incredably bad ass.
i know its only a matter of time, but it better be sooner than later.
your long life apple friend, heather
» fuck you, fuck you, your cool
preface: i had a cold sore the other week and it was quite horid, none the less, i went to work and sucked it up, being totally self conscious the entire time. durring the time a few people at my work were laughing and telling me that i had herpes and whatnot. we are oh so mature at the apple store.

so when im getting ready to leave work (today)... and i get to my locker and there is a newpaper cut out of something all about herpes on my locker, then i open my locker and there is more stuff in it. imeadiatly i knew exatly who did it... the person who gave me the most greif about it. so i go and talk to my manager, who then sends out this email:

There was a news paper clipping that stated some improper information on a locker in the back. One of the values of Apple is to be able to work in an environment that is free from harassment. Do not create an unsafe or hostile work environment. This will not be tolerated. Consider this a verbal warning for all.

i got an apology from not the person i though, but from the person who i would have least expected who did it with him.
how terably hurt i was.
he still has not apologized to me.
that may be because when i left the store, i told him that if he got aids, i would not feel bad for him.
never saying i wanted him to die, but somehwat implying that i would not mind him suffering.
whatever, he is a douche... who totally used to be like my best work buddy.

so now im just a little sad.
but feeling kinda good that i stood up for myself.
and johnny...
(he also slamed the fire door on johnnys hand, had i not found that out i probably wouldnt have gotten so upset)
so peace, im out
» (No Subject)
here are the picures:


i like the way they came out.
» you are my disco
this is me totally excited about shooting tomorrow for a self portrait series entitled:
when i grow up i want to be a ...
as part of the "dream" requirement for my 487 photo class.
tonight at wal mart i bought a poloroid camera and 2 flats of poliroid film for about $60
the total worth of these ten photos will come out to being about $6 each which is a little rediculious,
but is also a process i have never used and its easier than a crash course in the dark room.
im totally excited though.

and ps. work is totally fun when you have fake crushes.
and pps. johnny reid is the most amazingest boyfriend ever. if i have failed to mention that, its like whoa.
ppps. those above two sound bad... but its not.
» so i ahvent updated in a while
whether that be good or not, i have decided to:

+5: i got my car : http://web.mac.com/sugarpop18/iWeb/Site/Cars.html
-1: my mom being jealous decided to get one too
+3: my laptop is working
-1: the superdrive is totally broken
-1: my apple store will not fix it
-1: i got told by one of our technicians "sucks to be you"
+4: they switched out my desktop becuase they were not able to fix it
-1: my remote sensor on the new one doesnt work
-1: i also cant figure out how to work my new tablet so i have to ship it off to the headquarters.
-2: im totally sick. and i have a huge sore on my lip.
+2: i got new leses for my camera
+5: im going to have the best summer ever with my best friend on kibbutz.
+1: scott and steven will be the male counselors.
+1: mary levy will be the unit head.
+2: johnny brought me lunch and dinner last night
-1: it was wrong both times

thats all. over all me: +14
i guess it could be worse
» like the angel is a awesome song
this ^photo^ is NSFW.
but its pretty nice.
let me know what you think. its part of my ongoing project.
if you want to see more let me know, i have a site...
but these are the edited ones.
... the ones i post in here that is.

my computer is driving me up a freaking wall!
sometimes it works
sometimes it doesnt.
plus pms.
but i got the first season of curb your enthisiam.

going to league city tomorrow hopefully.
and getting my new car!
im way excited about that.
» help!
so here is the story.
im doing a phot assignment this semester that is dealing with s&m/fetish images.
here is one:

also here is the list of ideas i have:

handcuffed bellow high heels
blind fold close up
gag ball strap across cheek
handcuffed hands above head
corset tied in back
hands restrained on a bed post
mistress coller
school girl skirt and paddle
body stocking
holding straweberry on tounge
boy in drag
feet mangled on bed
bodies embracing
high heels and fishnets
girls kissing
boys kissing

any other ideas??
» (No Subject)
no lie, if you are tired of my bitching... scroll down.

so yesterday after class i was able to get my imac working.
just needed to restart a bunch of stuff and yeah.
but then.
between the time of me going to my getting it fixed and me getting back from my night class...
disaster struck.
omg, could anything go my way?
lemonade was spilled in my keyboard.
no it wasnt done by me.
when my keyboard was starting to fail i called tech support.
they told me to take the batteris out and when i did, lemonade spilled all over me.
i put the tech support guy on hold while i had a slight freak out, then got back on the phone and told him the situation.
after hanging up i threw my temper tantrum in the laundry room.
office depot had nothing that would work with my comp, but i want an apple keyboard anyway.
everything matches.
not having a keyboard is the saddest thing ever.
well not sadder than my powerbook not working, but alas.
i will get a new one today.
last night since everyone thought i was so mad at sean i offered to sleep on the couch.
worst idea ever by the way.
way me make a pissy girl even more pissed.
on the list of whats going on:
apple store:
wireless keyboard
firewire 400 to firewire 400 (:( my imac doesnt have a 800 port)
get my harddrive replaced and old one zapped.
try and get off this weekend.
return hard drive

the good things from yesterday:
got my fetish project approved for photo!
got together with kyla for our photo project. (you can see some of my prints on facebook under "the fox" album.)
had a nice diner with johnny. (not free of text messaging or calls though.)
and i think my camera will be shipping soon.
» hmf
so basicaly no one was able to fix my computr yesterday.
i could prety much put my job an whoevers job in jeporody if it was fixed.
so that sucks.
so i got a new computer.

intel imac 20" wireless

but today it is broken.
im so upset.
i have to call apple care when i get home.
its not detecting my wireless card.
two computer and none of them work.
woe is me.
» (No Subject)
so as the story goes with my computer, she is still way sick.
i found out last week that my logic board is faulty as well.
now this may not be something bad if i had registered my apple care.
so i sat on the phone with apple this morning trying to fix my apple care situation and they were so nice and helpfull.
i was able to get it registered mearly over the phone.
so now my computer is protected.
(in the way that she is now using a condom)
so all that needs to happen now is i need to take it to the store, and have them fix it for me as if i were a real customer.
insted of before when they were just being great little pals.
however i dont know how long i could be without it becuase of the whole parts situation.
alas, i hope to get her fixed.
i am still thinking i will get a desktop.
i think that now is the right time and i get a somewhat sweet deal.
then in the future save up for aperture.
But now im just chilling here, watching house.
Waiting till pre noon so i can drive to apple.
» panic at the disco is a cool band.
i want my camera to get here!
my pretty little nikon d70s digital slr beauty.
in case i havent said it recently. i am so in love with john reid.
the more i think about it, the more i want to go to camp.
but only if i can do kibbutz.
art class is... yeah like an art class.
i hate the people in there that want to look into a cave drawing like it is the end all of art.
like the people that over analyze everything.
yeah, they sit behind me.
and my teacher wont let me use my cpu.
i hate teachers that think laptops are for porn, and making bombs, and destroying art.
ive made my desktop the prettiest it can be.
one of john's coworkers is staying with us for a while.
its like having my brother around, i just pick on him and life goes on.
started playing the sims again.
life is good.
» sad times at ridgemont high
yesterday is a sad day in computer world.
my beloved annie (powerbook g4) entered a coma.
i took her straight to the doctors office and they were not able to fix her.
so there my poor annie lays, motionless and powerless, waiting for a transplant.
she will be taken in for surgery this morning and will be receiving a transplant.
included is a new 100 gb hard drive and 1gb of ram.
bumping me up to 1.5 gb.
hopefully she will leave surgery and be ready for use later today.
oh my poor baby girl...
» (No Subject)
so from the lack of excitment in everyone elses blog... i feel the need to update.

news since last:
+macs with intel chips.
+my classes being dropped becuase of a lack of comminucation between my dad and me
+the possibility of going back to camp

yeah... thats about all.
» (No Subject)
ok so last night after tx won i made up a song.
here it is:

texas fought
texas fought
and we kicked butt of usc
texas fought
texas fought
and i even got to pee (thanks to a time out)
texas fought
texas fought
and we really kicked some ass
becuase we are awesome and were neat and we are really really cool
and we are from texas!!

umm it is cool.
so i work today 10-3
tomorrow 5-cl
saturday 11-8
and sunday 9-6

online shopping is becoming so much fun.
» all right
so woo hoo.
its a brand new year.
stayed in with johnny all day which was the best thing ever.
we went out to a show behind city hall which was cool.
heath put it together and it was really nice.
came home bummed around.
went out to dinner with heath and emily.
we talked a bout the woman in israel who married the dolphin.
went to block buster and purchased:
house of flying daggers
lords of dogtown
and hotel rwanda.
i finally got to finish house of flying daggers and it was really good.
so yeah, taht was my new years eve.
i work at 10.
untill 6.
then who knows what.
i deleated my entire photo library except for about 57 photos.
i have them all pictures on my external hard drive.
but my computer is about 13 GB lighter which makes her oh so happy.
well i must go, lords of dogtown is awaiting me.
» wa hoo.
so kelly is in town.
we hung out at the apple store for a little.
then went back to johnnys parents to get my wallet.
then went back to the apple store.
so i could purchase a sony handycam for less than half off.

the apple store does have a few perks.
and so does winning at scratch offs.
then when the store closed kelly and i israeli danced around the entire store.
everyone was taking pictures and video of us.
some mall security guys came in and shined their little flashlights on us too.
it was quite awesome.
then we were going to go and see brokeback mountain, but as soon as we parked there was a loud noise.
and we got scared and drove off.
to a party over at johnny's god friend tonys.
so kelly got to meet more people like heath, emily, and drew.
that was quite awesome.
then we came back here and i fell asleep.
so now im entertaining myself.
peace. im out.
» amazon.com
ship 1 (one):

Paris when it sizzles
Funny Face
Singin' in the rain
An american in Paris
On the Town
Anatomy of a Dancer
The big sleep
The maltese falcon
Key Largo
The Sound of music

and then last night i got $107 dollars in scratch offs
johnny got like $70 something.
christmas is fun.
hanukkah is better.
» grr
dear johnny (not the one i love, the one i now hate),
how could you do this to me?
after the years together, how could you be such a jerk.
i never thought you would leave me, i thought we would be together forever.
i dont know what to say. apparently things change,
you lost what was real and important.
i dont even know you anymore, you are like a germ. a bad seed.
i hope you die a painful death.
fuck you, and fuck the yankies.
i hope taht your haircut makes you look stupid and your wife divorces you!
$52 million dollars in four years may be nice, but i prefer a soul.
johnny damon: you are no longer the love of my life.
your ex-friend/fan/life partner, heather.

ps. you were never as cute as lance berkman anyway.

in other news,
yesterday at the apple sto was awesome.
i got there at 8 and left at 10 something. it was sweet.
i sold like 151 ipods which is the most i think anyone has sold in my store in one day ever. sweeeet.
farts smell bad.
and i want kelly to come.
» (No Subject)
freshly added to the ipod:

miss kittin: i com
miss kittin and the hacker: first album
felix da housecat: devon dazzle and the neon fever
henry mancini: breakfast at tiffany's soundtrack
mel brooks: the producers (motion picture soundtrack)
rent: rent (motion picture soundtrack)

dashboard confessional: everybody hurts: mtv2 album covers
david gray: babylon: itunes originals
guster: manafest destiny/sorority tears: manafest destiny/sorority tears - single
kanye west: gold digger: late registration
m.i.a.: galang (south rakkas remix: galang -ep

on my way to work soon.
its so early.
» (No Subject)
dear john reid,
best birthday present ever.
i love you so much.
love, heather

ps. please do not drown yourself in the shower.
» hey look at me.. im causing a catastrophe
so i bought $40 worth of itunes music and recieved 20 free songs which is cool. yay pay pal. so ive been buying some music, finding videos i would like to one day purchase, and scoping the tv shows. the only problem is i cant find single songs i want, only like full albums, which are cheeper to buy. whatever.

i missed flickerstick last night which sucks major balls, i totally forgot they were coming. GAR! but heath sent me a picture of brandin lea singing which is hot like whoa. and then he called me when he was backstage so i answered the phone and to my suprise, it was not heath, but fletcher... the bass player. and then i also got to say hi to rex who plays gutair. he looked for brandin, but couldnt find him. i was totally going to tell him that i had a crush on him.

chenenyway tomorrow izzle my birthday fo shizzle. im so excited. that is all.

oh yeah. and i threw up this morning. boo.
» oh man
so im listening to david broza just thinking about how aweosme he was when i saw him in houston. and its like making me so wet. i effen love him like no other. ahhhhhh. on that note sarah gross = biggest butt ever for getting met this cd. like whoa.

johnny needs to get better soon like whoa.

made reservations at pf changs for lunch on sunday. woot woot.

thats all.
» we totally got a tree
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
its officially the cutest thing ever. even though no one in this house is of the celebrating christmas persuasion.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
close up of the darling snowmen.

i heart this song, its on our loop at work. so i totally had to dl it.
i want my new camera so bad.
i haven't even ordered it.
i pretty much have to wait till i pay for tuition to do it.

official birthday count: 10 days.

i miss kelly like whoa.
» ugh
to do:

take geo test.

wake up early
drive to houston

day after:
go to temple to photograph
go to help gpa set up printer
buy mat boards
print off photos for wed
start paper

class (presentations)
class (maybe portfolio presentation?)
turn in paper

turn in photos





photo final

english final

» attention
this is not an ok comeback to someone with hemroids:

a: i'll slap you
b: i'll slap your ass
a: it only hurts when i wipe it
b: ok well then i'll wipe your ass
a&b: erupt into laughter
» ewww republicans.
my mother makes me smile.
» happy turkey day
wake up.
drive to the woodlands.
drive out to johnny's family's farm.
have thanksgiving lunch with his family.
drive to houston.
pick up my grandfather.
drive to league city.
have thanksgiving dinner with my family.
drive to hosuton.
drop off my grandfather.
drive to huntsville.
it will be a long crazy day, but im glad i can meet johnny's family, and still see mine.

saw rent last night.
i liked it.
not as bad as i thought it may have been.
i lsot a bet though, i thought the audience may moo.
i mean, whatever.
so i bought dessert at cheesecake factory.

friday i work 12-10 at the apple store.
the entire time greeting people.
at least i am not a runner.
but greeting... for nine hours?!?

well im off to go and get some mashed potatoes.
» (No Subject)
so alst night was the big family thanksgiving dinner at apt 1515.
oh the fun we had.
thr girls sat around and made turkey straws with our names on them.
johnny and i got the card table in the corner but we moved it out.
we had such yummy food.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
kate and me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
our straws

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my roomates. kate, bea, me, jackie.

now im in english.
although class is over.
we are just hanging around.
i was printing out some sources all about sex trafficking.
thats what im writting my final paper about.
sweet deal.

and i have to write another paper about early fashion photography and possibly how it morphed into pornography.
thats for my history of photo class.

for my photo comp class i need to take a few more pictures.
and photoshop the ones i have.
the good news is i will be at my gfathers for turkey day and i can print there.
even though i am in the second group to present.
so if i need to i can redo a little.
i also need to get mat boards.
now i am starting to sound like katie.

i ahd a dream last night that i had a kid.
he was like real young but could talk.
he lived with my mom so i could do my school work and everything.
so one day i asked him if he knew who i was and he said no.
so i told him i was his mom.
then i asked him what he called my mom.
he said mama... and i started to cry.

i got an 87 on my paper about the pullout.
and a 92 on my paper about gay rights.
which included my favorite paragraph:

Less than one year after my gay brother died of complications due to pneumonia, my parents got divorced. I was not a nieve child, I knew that my brother was gay. I knew that he had a partner. I also knew that his partner was able to stand by his side until the day he died, even knowing that he had HIV/AIDS, one of the scariest epidemics to first hit the gay community. I learned more from my brother about love. Michael McManus of Marriage Savers writes, "Divorce is a far more grievous blow to marriage than today's challenge by gays." My brother and his partner showed me that even through the worst circumstances, you can still love. My parents showed me the opposite; when the going gets tough, get out.

life must go on.
house season one dvd is what i was thankfull for last night.
i trully am in love with it.
rent comes out tomorrow.
im totally seeing it when i get off work.
im excited like whoa.
» wow to the max.
i like totally just got out of a david broza concert and it was the most amazing thing ever. he is such a beautiful person and uhh, just makes the most beautiful music and is so amazingly talented. i want to have his children so they can hopefully have an ounce of the tallent and passion he has. he talked about rabin and i almost wanted to cry. he wasnt even trying to be that emotional, but his pre encore speach was beautiful. before the db concert there was another concert where beth schafer and craig taubman played a little diddy. also a comedian that was funny. apparently he has twin little girls, but he looks like he is about 15. and even before that marc and i hung out, bonded and window shopped. there was a guy who makes ketubas so we talked to him. he like personalizes them for the couple and its so cool. i may have to remember that one day. there is a microcalagraphist there, but not my guy... the guy across the street. i was a little sad.

i also realised a few things. a few people in my life need closure letters. like im tired of you and other things... just in letter form. i cant decide how short they need to be, becuase some.. or at least one could get quite long. it was interesting seeing some people this weekend.

i also came up with some ideas for my photo project. and some exibitors are going to be there tomorrow and let me take pictures of their stuff. woot for me!

i also have voted in favor of getting a chamsa necklace. so yay for that as well.

otherwise that is all that is good in the world for right now. i saw my mom and grandfather today and both are well. which makes me happy. untill later......
» ps. johnny is the coolest.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

dear winter,
please hurry up.
your fan, heather.

» (No Subject)
so would you rather have the extra helo. or would you rather have someone come in to work with an awful attitude?
thank god ive sold two computers today. otherwise im sure i would get a lecture before i leave.
oh yeah. too bad im scared to go home.
so i will probably stay here till we close.
i am so tired of this.
not to mention the fact that my mom thinks that i am allowed to have nothing wromng with myh life and right now everything has to center around my grandfather.
i hope taht her grandchildren care about her and can take care of her when she is old and decrepid.
i know i wont.
» this is me jumping for joy.
so i got my surprise last night.
and it was awesome.
there is a podcast i listen to: israelisms
and johnny was talking back and forth with carol.
and so she gave us a shout out.
you can download the clip here

but now i have to go to work.
which i am a little pissed about.
but whatever.
at least i get to work a whole hour before anyone gets there.
talk to you soon.
» points
point a:
my grandfather is good, everything with the surgery went ok.
he wants to go home already.
the dr. wont let him though.
but im about to head over there and we are going to go for a walk around the hospital.

point b:
johnny has some surprise for me and i have no idea what it is.
i do have some hints however... here they are:
C & C
can hear the wavelength at 10 feet (according to heath.)
cant see it

any ideas?

point c:
my mom patronizing me is not cool.
heather here is what i need you to do. go to the store, buy a rubbermaid for liquids, somethting with a lid that you can screw on. then drive over to hampton, in the first kitchen papa has some containers of tea, but they are in pitchers. rinse out the rubbermaid then put the tea into the rubbermaid. screw the lid on very tight so nothing will spill on your way over here.

point d:
my keyboard keeps squeaking.
its freaking annoying.

point e:
kelly l. levy is coming into town tomorrow.
and i may be lucky enough to see her.
i am so excited.
» :/
yeah, im totally listening to the camp cd.
so its like 3:25 and i'm awake
i like totally cant sleep
my grandfather has surgery in like 4 hours.
i set an alarm for like an hour and a half... i doubt ill go back to sleep.
maybe ill take a bath....
i dunno.
im still pretty lethargic and not too bored yet.

took a bath.
johnny is going to get up in like half an hour.
then shower.
then keep me company.

i dont remember being this emotionally scared in my life.
» a little summtin suttin
so today is the big day.
as some of you may or may not know, my grandfather is going into the hospital today before surgery on wednesday.
for those of you who do not know my grandfather... sucks to be you becuase he is one of the coolest people in the entire world, and my favorite person ever.
So i'm coming equiped with a bagel, left over mac and cheese, audrey hepurn movies for us to watch and some aqua teen hunger fource to upload to...
my new ipod!
yes you heard correct, i crumbled and got one.
so now incase i get bored somewhere and cant bust out my comp, i can bust out my new ipod.
i will prob sell it one day becuase its only a 30 and i really want/need a 60.
so if you are looking for a new video ipod 30gig black.... let me know.
hmm, ripping dvds is fun.
oh and i got my haircut.
i brought in a picture of edie falco... the girl that plays carmela soprano. from season five...
its so cute.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok. but in all seriousnes.... think of my grandfather.
if you are going to temple... or just praying in general.
talk to you sometime...
» i love you too
johnny made this up for me this morning:

there once was a girl named heather
she was loved by a boy named johnny
he loved her forever and ever and ever
though her farts smelled like rotten salami

thats me.
» World Series 05 Game Three
* Being at the first world series game in texas (best state ever)
* Got to go with Johnny, my Dad, and Cindy
* Got to see Lance Berkman's Butt... since he moved to 1st
* Pre-game dinner at Hungry's
* SOO loud even thought the roof was open
* Got to ride the train and make so many friends while packed like sardines
* Funny signs
* Registering for Biennial while in the stadium
* Getting a cool lanyard to hold our ticket
* Being at the longest game in world series history

* White Sox fans
* Eight year old white sox fan in front of me that hit me in the face with his little white sox flag.
* Eight year old white sox fan that threw cracker jacks at my dad
* The entire section of white sox fans... no i mean it the ENTIRE section.
* Lines for shirt way too long. too long to even stand in.
* Roy O giving up 5 runs in one inning
* Losing :(
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